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Dr. Brad Bodle


Dr. Brad Bodle is a chiropractic neurologist who has been in practice for over 8 years. His speciality is working with and supporting complex metabolic and neurological diseases such as Hashimoto's and other autoimmune conditions, head injuries like concussion and TBI, post-stroke rehabilitation, early signs of neurodegeneration, developmental injuries, neuropathies, and disc injuries.

He uses a combination of the most current health information available and a patient centered approach to create care plans designed for the individual. This can include things like neuro therapies, nutritional recommendations, and lifestyle changes.


At the end of the day, the most important thing is how the person feels and functions. They should never be told that everything "looks normal" if they're not feeling right. There's always an underlying cause for symptoms and it's the job of the doctor to serve their patient and find out what is going on with their health.

He is certified in hyperbaric therapies by the International Board of Undersea Medicine and feels strongly about staying up to date on the current research and safety protocols to make sure that your dives are both comfortable and effective.

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